Happy Graduation Ms. Nuyens

Goodbye, Ms. Nuyens

Ms. Peggy Nuyens has been teaching for over 35 years. In 1981, She started her career at Stanley Humphries and this year, she will bring her teaching career to a close at SHSS.

Ms. Nuyens worked at several schools including Beaver Valley Middle School and Trail Middle schools and taught everything from PE to spelling to textiles. But from the time she went into teaching, Ms. Nuyens knew that Home Ec was her fit and of all of the subject areas she explored, Foods was her favorite.

When we asked SH students about learning with Ms. Nuyens, here’s what they had to say:

“I always like being in her class because she understands and when she is writing down notes she understands if she’s going too fast and she’ll slow down. She always helps us if something isn’t going right while we’re cooking. She also takes time out of her lunch to help us.”Emily Kulbaba

“Anything that goes through her head she just says, it’s really funny.” Ryan Trickey

“She’s a good teacher and I had fun in her class and glad she was my teacher.” Zach Tremblay

“She always comes into Safeway asking about deals and stuff, like ground beef. It’s for the kids.” Nate LaBerge

“Cheers to the good times and excessive food classes I took with her because I took way more foods than I needed to just so I could be with her. I’m glad to see that she is actually retiring too and not dead because of those boys in gr 12 foods last year. I always appreciated that she took the time to ask if I needed help with anything no matter what even if she was busy doing something else, she checked in on me.” Drew Ward

“I love her sass and just everything about her.” Sara Lefurgey

“Ms Nuyens taught me a lot of things about cooking and I’ll probably make those recipes until I’m older and we’ll miss her!!”Mackenzie Mager

In her retirement, Ms Nuyens hopes to spend lots of time with her family, especially her grand daughters, and enjoy this next part of her life. She also said that she will enjoy going to the grocery store, just for fun!

Thanks to Ms Nuyens several generations of students got to discover the world of cooking. Her passion for food and nutrition, as well as her love of her students, will be missed at SHSS.

Thank you, Ms Nuyens, for your years of work, your countless hours of preparation, the care you put into each lesson and all of the great memories you created for our students. We will miss you!


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