Mitosis vs Meiosis

This morning I walked into Ms. Stephanie Van Yzerloo’s Science 9 class where students were extremely busy working on their Mitosis and Meiosis projects. Students had a choice to use any medium of their choice to describe the two processes of cell reproduction.

Amber Wight and Abby Advent eloquently described the process of Meiosis, and their use and knowledge of the vocabulary was outstanding. I was impressed with their understanding of the process and how they remember the term “haploid” as “half of the genetic material”.

IMG_0787Blake Grantham described the process of Mitosis, explaining the significance of interphase, he said, “most of the time period of the cell division took place in interphase, and that the actual rest of Mitosis, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase happens pretty quickly”.

IMG_0788James Price was quite animated as he explained both processes and was able to compare and contrast. “Mitosis is more like asexual reproduction, and meiosis is about sexual reproduction,”he explained, “It’s good to know all the stuff and yeah it’s been pretty fun, it’s a cool project because you can show(describe the processes) anyway you want.”

IMG_0790Ms. Van Yzerloo said, “This is only the second time I have used this assignment in grade 9 science and am finding that students really enjoy it. The project gives students the option to demonstrate their knowledge of meiosis and mitosis in a different format than a quiz or a test. I enjoy listening to the conversations between group members and other groups as they recall and relay information from the unit to one another. Every student/group always comes up with their own creative way to demonstrate their knowledge, and I find that when students have options in how to demonstrate their learning their engagement increases. I also really like this assignment because it has an analyze, interpret, and conclusions section where students are asked to reflect on their chosen models and their own learning process.”

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