SH Learns

At Stanley Humphries Secondary School, we are starting a new way of sharing the great things that happen here on a daily basis. The SH Learns Blog will highlight the happenings of the school.


The first blog entry comes from my good fortune of walking into the room of Mr. Leffelaar’s Biology 12 class. When I walked in today, Mr. Leffelaar was enthusiastically describing the corpus callosum and the importance of its function for the human brain. Students were asking questions and demonstrating their own eagerness to learn about all of the parts of the brain. Connections were made to physiology and psychology with lots of interested discussion and more questions. Mr. Leffelaar was so interested in talking about the brain, his students were naturally eager and enthusiastic as well. Cerebrums, medulla oblongata, lobes… every possible part of the brain was discussed in detail and the students contributed most of the information, the back and forth conversation making the time go very fast.

Once this conversation concluded, some quick preparation work for their upcoming laboratory observations of sheep’s brains took place, and then the students went to complete their assigned task.


Mr. Leffelaar is the corpus callosum between the vast content of biological curriculum and the students who are eager to learn this material. He is the connection piece between the material and the students. Mr. Leffelaar has created an environment where student learning is at the forefront, where questions are encouraged, enthusiasm for Biology is shared and a shared expectation of respect is present. Mr. Leffelaar came to Stanley Humphries 26 years ago after studying biology in university and teaching abroad in Africa. After five minutes in his class, you can feel the passion that he has for this subject.


Student Ecco Haake stated “Bi 12 is a really good class and it’s full of information about the human body, its very interesting and it’s nice because you can actually relate it to you…and Mr. Leffelaar, he teaches so enthusiastically!”


Emma Lawczynski talks of experiences learning in Mr. Leffelaar’s class.

“we are talking about the brain and nervous system, its so complex and amazing. It is amazing how many things it enables us to do. Just the brain itself has so many intricacies, just changing one aspect can change who that person is…

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 3.24.34 PM

Of learning in this class Emma states, “Mr. Leffelaar is old fashioned in that it’s a lecture format, we take notes, he likes to have assignments on time, isn’t flexible on that, he has a very high expectation for his senior students. Its one of my favourite classes, I like his style and I love Biological sciences, especially learning about neurosciences. We (all of us students) share the wonder of how our bodies work and Mr. Leffelaar is very good at getting everyone to share and discuss what we know.   It’s a great class. I really appreciate Mr Leffelaar as a teacher and I am so happy he is at S.H.


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